Back in training and new tip-up seats

August 12, 1935
On the other hand, football is coming on us with rare leap. I saw the Liverpool footballers at a filming “shoot,” and was struck by the appearance of the men like Ernest Blenkinsop, Tosh Johnson, Tom Bradshaw, Arthur Riley, Jack Tennant, and others. They were in prime condition, and the earnestness with which they went into the new training methods (borne of Charlie Wilson’s visit to the FA “school”) augurs well for the season’s work.

Headlines, throw-in schemes (by which the thrower makes his throw extend to 31 yards – as did Ted Savage – combine with the official receiver at the other end, who is enabled to increase his sense of “trapping”), new tactics, and new notions all set the Anfield players on their toes.

On the field was one player of tender years – the boy Eric Paterson, of Vale of Leven, who was working with groundsman Bert Riley. Paterson is a boy centre forward and only 16 years old, but he is to be nursed and not spoiled.

The new tip-up seats in the shareholders’ stand will please the ticket-holders.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 12, 1935)

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