Remember Davie Hannah

January 18, 1936
Sir, – It was with great satisfaction that I read the appreciation of the late Davie Hannah (Chippy, as we called him) by my old friend, Mr. William Perry.

It brought back pleasing memories of the “Team of All Talents.” I know it savours of ancient history, but please forgive the feelings of this old timer.

The writer of the appreciation, Mr. William Perry, and myself had occasion some years ago to correct the late Mr. William McGregor in some of his statements when writing an article in praise of Aston Villa.

Mr. McGregor’s reply was published in the pink Echo and gave Mr. Perry and myself great satisfaction, since it vindicated us both in our contention.

I well remember Davie Hannah’s joy when playing for Liverpool against Sunderland at Newcastle Road in ’94. His team was two goals up ten minutes from the finish. But (and a big but) when the final whistle blew – “but that’s another story.”

I entirely concur with everything Mr. Perry states, and with him could fill the Echo with reminiscences, but this would not interest the majority of your readers.
J.R. Smith, 32 Woodbine Terrace, Pallion.
(Sunderland Daily Echo: January 18, 1936)

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