John McKenna’s will

May 30, 1936
Mr. John McKenna, of Liverpool, President of the Football League, who died on March 22, has left estate valued at £11,182. After payment of annuities to his housekeeper, Jessie Stainer, and her daughter, Jessie Maddison, he directs that the West Lancashire Alpass Benevolent Institution should be paid £1,000 to be used to found an annuity to be called “The John McKenna Annuity” – and associated with the Liverpool Sincerity Lodge of Freemasons No. 292.
He bequeaths £100 each to his two trustees, William Charles Cuff, chairman of Everton Football Club, and R.L.Martindale, a director of Liverpool Football Club.
Mr.McKenna also bequeathed to his trustees his Masonic clothing and jewels, with presentation medals and emblems to be disposed of by them as they think fit.
To William Charles Cuff, he left his gold cuff links and the fountain pen presented to him by the directors of Leicester City Football Club, and to the management committee for the time being of the Football League Limited, a silver gilt casket presented to him by the League.
(Yorkshire Post: May 30, 1936)