The death of William Scott

August 15, 1936
William Scott, brother of Elisha Scott has gone to his rest. He had not been well for some time and pneumonia caused his death on Saturday evening. I don’t suppose there were two such contrasting characters as William and Elisha, but in spite of that they were parallel cases when they took the sport and kept goal.

William Scott left Ireland for Everton in 1905-6, following George Kitchen, and at once he became a favourite with the Goodison Park people. He was taller than Elisha and not so demonstrative on or off the field. In fact, one would call William Scott the solid goalkeeper and in dealing with the best shot of old times.

William Scott was un-equalled in his ability using a knuckle to knock down the hottest shot from a Hampton, a sheppard, or any other driving force. He was Ireland’s goalkeeper for many years. He was the goalkeeper of the first Irish team ever to beat England and Scotland. I think (but I will not swear to it) that he had more football honours than the modern Elisha.

When he left Everton he was goalkeeper for quite a long time at Leeds; and later years he and his wife concerned themselves with licensed houses. William helped Everton to win the Cup, and he was the goalkeeper who had the webbing of his thumb and finger split in the famous Everton and Barnsley semi-final at Leeds and Old Trafford.

He was a humorist in his own peculiar way, and 30 years ago when the season opened with a terrific heat wave the then trainer Jock Elliott, was ordered to buy silk handkerchiefs to put around the players’ necks. Billy Scott did not get one to which he relied “Oh I’m only a goalkeeper; I suppose the sun doesn’t shine on me.”
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 17, 1936)

Note: William Scott was a war time guest for Liverpool F.C.

William Scott
William Scott


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