Robert Hetherington to make his professional debut

November 17, 1936
Liverpool “A” play Blackpool “A” to-morrow, and one of the numerous features of the team sheet is the appearance of Hetherington, the diminutive but able little Londoner who made such a mark many weeks ago when I happened to be there. Hetherington has become a pro. for Liverpool and in his first professional game he will be associated with a line which includes Steele (the Witton Albion) player.

The kick-off is 2:30 and Kopites are asked by me to help, not hinder, any young boy who is having a trial. Boys cannot do their best if the comedy touch of the Kop is having a noisy flick. This should be a game worth watching.
Liverpool “A”: – Tom Flower, Robert Whittle, Robert Felton, Reg Butcher, Bernard Ramsden, Matt Fitzsimmons, Steele, Robert Hetherington, Jimmy Collins, Syd Roberts, John Hutchinson.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: November 17, 1936)

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