Mr. Bean in defence of Ephraim Longworth

Wednesday, February 10 – 1937
A Preston firm of haulage contractors, Messrs. Thomas Pickle and Son, were sued at the Liverpool Assizes, to-day, for damages for personal injuries by Ephraim Longworth, trainer-coach for Liverpool Football Club, and formerly full back for the club.

The accident was a sequel to a collision on July 30th between Longworth’s car and a lorry, owned by Messrs. Pickle at the junction of Maiden-lane, and Addshead-road, Liverpool.

Longworth said as a result of the accident there was a place on his head where he had no feeling, and asserted  that the “perfect heading” must be on the front where the skull was double. He was afraid of the wound opening out again.

I have young lads to train and if you want them to do things properly you have to show them the right way. If you are afraid to do it you cannot train others properly.

Thomas Atkinson, of Albyn-street, Preston, the driver of the lorry contended that Longworth was trying to rush the road crossing.

Mr. E.G. Hemmerede, K.C., for Longworth: “-According to you Longworth was doing something suicidal, and it was merely luck he was not killed?”

Atkinson: Yes.

George Jefferson Bean, a cyclist, said Longworth swerved and tried to get round the front of the lorry.

Mr. Justice Porter held that the lorry driver was proceeding so fast that he was unable to avoid the car as soon as he appreciated the nearness to the crossing, and awarded Longworth £141.
(Lancashire Evening Post, 10-02-1937)

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