Dundee United wants money for Milne

Thursday, May 6 – 1937
Our Liverpool correspondent wires: –
Rather an awkward hitch has occurred over the loan of Milne, the Dundee United centre forward to Liverpool.
Milne was loaned to Liverpool some eight weeks ago with the option of purchase. He was injured in his first match at Wolverhampton and was off some time, but when he played in a friendly game against Cliftonville at Anfield he was hailed as the dominating forward of the day, full of pep and personality. He was also injured in that match and left the field before full time to a great ovation.
Time passed  and Liverpool did not accept the offer of his transfer, believing that they were rather afflicted with too many stocky little forward. They did not persevere with the option.
Now Dundee United have stepped in claiming a transfer fee (which has been stated to be £1,500) on the ground that Liverpool did not advise them in sufficient time. Threat of the court was made, at which point Liverpool consulted their own football association, and I believe Dundee United have been warned to read a certain law that they cannot go to law without first consulting the Scottish F.A.
(Evening Telegraph, 06-05-1937)

Arthur Milne

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