Norway v England 0-6 (International: May 14, 1937)

May 14, 1937
International: Friendly, at Ullevaal Stadion (Oslo).
Norway – England 0-6 (0-4).
Attendance: 20,000.
Referee: Mr. Einar Ulrich.
Norway (2-3-5): Henry Johansen (Vålerengen), Nils Eriksen (Odd), Øyvind Holmsen (Lyn), Frithjof Ulleberg (Lyn), Jørgen Juve (Lyn), Rolf Holmberg (Odd), Odd Frantzen (Hardy), Reidar Kvammen (Viking), Alf Martinsen (Lillestrøm), Magnar Isaksen (Lyn), Arme Brustad (Lyn).
England (2-3-5): Vic Woodley (Chelsea), George Male (Arsenal), Arthur Catlin (Sheffield Wednesday), Cliff Britton (Everton), Alfred Young (Huddersfield Town), Wilf Copping (Arsenal), Alfred Kirchen (Arsenal), Tom Galley (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Fred Steele (Stoke City), Leonard Goulden (West Ham United), Joe Johnson (Stoke City).
The goals: 0-1 Kirchen (18 min.), 0-2 Own goal (Holmsen, 38 min.), 0-3 Galley (40 min.), 0-4 Steele (43 min.), 0-5 Steele (61 min.), 0-6 Goulden (85 min.).


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