Dundee United or Liverpool for Milne?

Saturday, May 15 – 1937
Considerable misapprehension appears to exist as to the position in regard to Dundee United and Arthur Milne.
We understand that on 11th March and agreement was signed between Dundee United Football Company and Liverpool Football Club, under which Milne was transferred to Liverpool for the remainder of the season 1936-37 on condition

(1) That if Liverpool should not desire the services of the player for the next season they agreed to intimate this to Dundee United on 17th April, and
(2) that in the event of Liverpool club re-signing the player Dundee United should be paid £1,500.

As is known. Milne played for Liverpool on 10th April, Dundee United were requested by Liverpool to extend the period for their intimation from 17th April to 24th April, and ex-Bailie Greig, as managing director for Dundee United, agreed to this.
No intimation was received from Liverpool that they were not to re-sign Milne, but on 27th April a request was made to Dundee United to extend the period to 1st May.
Dundee United, however, refused any further extension on the ground that since no intimation having been received, Milne was Liverpool’s player.
Thereafter on 27th April Liverpool wired that they were re-transferring Milne to Dundee United, and later there was posted to Dundee United from Liverpool the re-transfer of Milne.

Both these forms were returned by Dundee United, who maintained the position that Milne was Liverpool’s player.
Dundee United are to insist on their claim for the transfer fee, and the position at present is that they are either to apply to the Scottish Football Association to take the matter into court or get the matter put before the International Football League Board, and it is understood that the latter course may be followed. It will be seen that any loss through Milne signing for Edinburgh Hibs does not necessarily fall on Dundeee United, but will depend on the decision of the question of whether Liverpool, not having timeously intimated that they were not to re-sign him, are bound to pay the transfer fee.
(Evening Telegraph, 15-05-1937)

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