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About Rab Howell.

Born: October 12, 1867: Wincobank, Sheffield (Yorkshire), in England.
Passed away: July 21, 1937: Preston (Lancashire), in England.

Position: Half back.

Height: 165 cm. (5ft. 5in.);
Weight: 60 kilos (9st. 7lb.).
* Source for height and weight: Athletic News: April 17, 1893.

Rotherham Swifts: Signed: 1889.
Sheffield United: Signed: March 25, 1890.
* re-signed contract: April 29, 1896.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £250.
Liverpool: Signed: April 6, 1898;
* registered with the Football League: April 7, 1898;
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: April 14, 1898.
Preston North End: Signed: May 31, 1901.
** Retired due to a broken leg: September 26, 1903.

England A 2-1: (v. Ireland: March 9, 1895 ‘1g’; v. Scotland: April 8, 1899).
Football League, First Division Winner: 1897-98 (Sheffield United), 1900-01 (Liverpool).
Football League, Second Division Winner: 1903-04 (Preston North End).
Sheffield Select XI: (v. Glasgow: November 12, 1892).

Rab Howell, Liverpool (Monmouthshire Beacon: September 30, 1898).

Rab Howell, Liverpool (Lancashire Evening Post: October 8, 1898).

Liverpool Echo: February 24, 1912.




  1. When he was born, his name seems to have been registered as Raby (Births Deaths Marriages).I’ve never seen him called Rabi (Rab in many dozens of contemporary papers). His son’s birth was registered as Rabbi.

    Pick the bones out of that!

    1. Hi Cris,

      It is a strange one. I have the article when he passed away and there he is mentioned as Robert.

      Also the article about the marriage that I added just recently made med confused, father and son – one named Rab and the other Rabbi, but who was who?


  2. Hi. He was Rabbi, Rab for short. Raby was a misspelling. It is a Romany/gypsy name, nothing to do with the Scots abbreviation of Robert. It is from the Hebrew word for teacher: gypsies in Britain often had Old Testament names. As was often the case then, sons were named after fathers. I have researched Rab and written a book about him. See also http://www.theevergreen.co.uk

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the update. I think I have seen all kinds of variations of his name, including Robert. I will place an order for your book. It looks really interesting.



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