Liverpool Reserves v Burnley Reserves 3-3 (League match: September 11, 1937)

September 11, 1937
Match: Central League, at Anfield.
Liverpool Reserves – Burnley Reserves 3-3 (0-1).
Referee: Mr. A.C. Denham.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Alf Hobson; Tommy Cooper, Billy Hood; Ernest McCappin, Matt Fitzsimmons, John Easdale; George Penrose, Harry Eastham, Phil Taylor, Eric Paterson, David Laing.
Burnley (2-3-5): Tom Hetherington; Tommy Chester, Jack Marshall; Les Martindale, Bob Johnson, Henry Pinkerton; Frank Lumsdon, Tom Storey, John Gastall, Peter Fisher, Jimmy Stein.
The goals: 0-1 Stein (25 min.), 0-2 Stein (46 min.), 1-2 Penrose (47 min.), 1-3 Fisher, 2-3 Eastham, 3-3 Easdale (86 min.).

Burnley’s Central League side well deserved their point at Liverpool, and indeed might have been victorious. They were handicapped somewhat in the second half owing to Johnson receiving an injury.

Burnley played fast, open football, and early on Gastall went close with two good shots. Hobson saved from Lumsdon, who showing rare enterprise and spirit, was the best forward on view. Lack of accuracy in finishing prevented Burnley from taking the lead until after 25 minutes’ play. The Burnley left flank renewed their attack, and Pinkerton sent Stein away for the left-winger to score with a beautiful cross-shot from long range.

The Burnley right-wing pair were always dangerous and were often too clever for the Liverpool defenders. Lumsdon broke through again, but shot over the crossbar. Johnson cleared well a dangerous situation at the other end, and Hetherington saved from Taylor.

Burnley deserved to be in front at the interval, for their forwards were more constructive in their methods, and but for erratic shooting the margin would have been more pronounced. Immediately after the resumption, Stein scored for Burnley. A minute later Penrose replied for Liverpool. Then Fisher scored for Burnley, and later Eastham scored for Liverpool.

With Burnley handicapped through Johnson’s injury, Liverpool were on top in the later stages and drew level when Easdale scored a few minutes from the end. It was a debatable point, however, Easdale’s shot following a pass across the Burnley goal, and Hetherington saved twice in quick succession. The referee awarded a goal, claiming that Easdale’s shot had gone over the line, despite the strong appeal by Burnley.
(Source: Burnley Express: September 15, 1937)

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