Liverpool in red and white hoopes

January 7, 1938
Liverpool also change their colours for the tie against Crystal Palace, and as they play in red and white hooped jerseys, I hope it will be a case of (w)hoop we go again sorry! Well, I hope their followers, like those of Everton, will be able to make whoopee to-morrow night. The Palace have a home record almost like that of Chelsea: Played 9, won 6, lost 1, drawn 2, goals for 22, against 10.

If Liverpool reproduce some of their away form then I think they will beat the Palace. League form does not count for anything where cup-ties are concerned, and as I have said luck means much.

I shall not be surprised to find Everton out and Liverpool in when the games are decided, but I am not going to pose as a prophet, as I have yet to win the penny points pool. Still, here’s hoping for, the best for both Everton and Liverpool – and the Pool!

Liverpool were called the crazy gang recently. In their red and white hooped jerseys and stockings they looked against Chelsea more like members of the “Chain Gang.” And played like them in the first half. But what a grand rally they made! There’s always hope for Liverpool when they fight back as they did in the second half last Saturday.
(Bootle Times: January 7, 1938)

Red and white hooped jersey.
red and white hoopes

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