Liverpool at West Bromwich

February 18, 1938
Liverpool’s away record has been so consistent that they must stand a good chance of getting a draw or a victory at West Bromwich, and a victory would be the best kind of solace for what happened last Saturday.

Ever a team with in and out form Liverpool disappointed, then delighted against Everton, and it would be difficult to weight up what might happen on this occasion.

The side played so well in the mid-week match, however, that the dangerous position in the League chart may be a thing of the past when some of the club’s outstanding games have helped them to make a further rise in the chart.

There is no doubt that a repetition of their display in mid-week would lead any home side to experience difficulty, and although West Bromwich have already played extremely well against Liverpool, at Anfield, it would be present-day football if Liverpool returned the compliment.

Only at Charlton have Liverpool been beaten in an away match since long before Christmas, and strange to say, John Shafto has never been on the losing side in his seven appearances at other grounds as a Liverpool first-team man.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: February 18, 1938)

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