Wellesley juniors may lose ground

Saturday, February 18 – 1938
If a proposal by Buckhaven and Methil Town Council to acquire the ground of Wellesley F.C., Denbeath, is successful this well-known junior club will be faced with making their sixth shift in 18 years.

The Town Council are negotiating to buy several sites for housing purposes, and one of the sites is Wellesley’s ground, off Sandwell Street.

Owners of the ground are Wemyss estate trustees, and if the ground is not acquired by negotiations it is likely that compulsory powers will be sought. In that case, Wellesley would get at least one more season on the ground before the compulsory order proceedings could be carried through.

Wellesley has been a prolific nursery for Celtic. Some of the Glasgow club’s most famous players were recruited from Wellesley – Alex Thomson, Jean McFarlane, the brother O’Donnell, Willie Fagan, and the late John Thomson.
(Dundee Courier, 18-02-1938)

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