What Liverpool wrote about Palace

Wednesday, March 2 – 1938
“Unpleasant reflections” on the Crystal Palace F.C. made in the Liverpool F.C. programme will be withdrawn by order of the F.A.
Disciplinary committee of the F.A. yesterday ordered Liverpool to apologies for the statements which were comments on the Cup-tie played between the two teams at Selhurst Park on January 8.

Mr. E.T. Truett, chairman of Palace, said to me last night:
The remarks in the programme were an unpleasant reflection on the play of our men in the drawn Cup tie. They annoyed us very much.
One point was that such allegations were apt to set the crowd attending the replay against our team before the match began.
Moreover, the referee at the replay might have been prejudiced against us by the comment.”

The F.A. report reads: “The committee decided that the Liverpool club be ordered to publish in their programme on the occasion of their next first team home game a withdrawal of the allegations complained of and to express their regret at their publication.
The statement complained of appeared under the heading of “Club Gossip.
In our opinion the referee was extremely clement with the Palace defenders and allowed them too much liberty in the use of elbows and feet, “ said the writer.
The comments also alleged that the home team threw every effort into the game and it was “remarkable that the Liverpool men escaped serious injury.
(Daily Mirror, 03-03-1938)

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