Mr. William John Harrop re-elected chairman of Liverpool F.C.

June 28, 1938
Mr. William john Harrop was unanimously re-elected chairman of Liverpool F.C. at a meeting of the board, at Anfield, this morning.

Tommy Cooper was re-elected captain of the playing side, with Matt Busby vice-captain. Last year Tom Bradshaw was vice-captain. Busby acted as captain in matches when Cooper was not playing.

The news of Mr. Harrop’s re-election will be pleasurable to many followers of the club. He is a firm yet tactful leader, and it is felt that the club is about to have one of the most successful seasons with him at the head.

This will be Mr. Harrop’s fourth consecutive year of office. He will again have as vice-chairman, Mr. James Hubert Troop.

Towards the end of last season there was a story that Mr. Harrop would ask to be allowed to relinquish the chair, but later he reconsidered his intention and that he has been unanimously re-elected comes as no surprise. The Echo hinted at the reelection some weeks ago.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 28, 1938)

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