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About Willie Michael:
“A clever little forward of the ‘nippy’ variety was Michael, who used to play for Liverpool as inside man to Harry Bradshaw on the left wing. Always on the go, bustling about here and there, foraging for his partner. (Liverpool Echo: February 10, 1912)

Born: 1874: Wishaw, Scotland.
Passed away: July 25, 1938: Glasgow, in Scotland.

Position: Centre forward.

Wishaw Thistle: Signed. 1890.
Heart of Midlothian: Signed: July 5, 1893.
Liverpool: Signed: January 22, 1895;
* registered with the Football League: January 23, 1895;
* eligible to play for Liverpool F.C. in official matches: January 30, 1895.
* re-signed contract: May 4, 1896.
* Note: He was signed by Liverpool in 1895, but joined the club before the start of the 1896-97 season.
Heart of Midlothian: Signed: May 3, 1897.
Bristol City: 1900.
Wishaw Thistle: Signed: August 6, 1901.
Falkirk: Signed: September 19, 1901.
Wishaw Thistle: Signed: January 29. 1902.
Heart of Midlothian: Signed: 1902.

Scottish League XI 1-0: (v. Irish League: February 11, 1899).
Rosebery Charity Cup Winner: 1892-93 (Hearts);

Liverpool Echo: February 10, 1912.


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