Few lines on Alex Scott

September 23, 1938
Snapshot of the Wolves
Robert Alexander Scott (goal, 6ft. 2in., 13st.).
Born at Liverpool. Educated within a stone’s throw of Liverpool football ground. Won his schoolboy international cap in 1927. Played for local clubs, Carlton and Oakmere before joining Liverpool and becoming a professional, December 1931. Got little chance understudying Elisha Scott and Arthur Riley. Passed to Burnley, May 1933, and on to Molineux at a big fee February 1936. Can kick a ball from end to end of the field and throw half way.
(Portsmouth Evening News: September 23, 1938)


  1. Hi again – great to get your news snippets which fit in at times with Lancashire Schools history. Have you come across J Carver who appears in LSFA records: J Carver 1913 and J Carver 1925, both Liverpool schoolboys. Latter is Jesse Carver, Football League player and manager in Italy, but is the 1913 lad a relation?

    1. Hi Mick,

      I have tried to search around this evening, but unfortunately I have not found any family connection between them. I have found a couple of mentionings of the J. Carver of 1913 in Liverpool Echo. He was the captain of the school side and he played centre half. In Echo for the next years there is also a few hits to a J. Carver within sports such as amateur golf and athletics, but I cannot say that it is the same person.

      I also tried to search on Ancestry, and the only J. Carver I could find was a fellow born in 1903 and living in Everton. I dont know if 10 years old was too you for school football? What do you reckon? I must admit I was thinking around 13-14 years old.


    2. Hi Mick,

      For the 1918-19 season Liverpool used an outside left named Phillips. Now most sources name him as Reginald Phillips but I think this might be wrong. A Burnley paper named him as “A. Phillips” in a match between LFC and Burnley in December 1918. During the practice matches for LFC in August 1918 Echo wrote that he was 17 years old and had made his name in school football. Would you know any A. Phillips that fits the description?


      1. Hi Kjell

        Lancashire Elementary Schools FA records do not start until 1920. However, before then, there were several associations running district teams and inter-school competitions. I will circulate details to colleague re Phillips to see if anything comes in from colleagues.

      2. Hi Mick. I found an article about school football in Liverpool Evening Express, January 3 – 1914. I will email it to you.


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