All the money poured out

Wednesday, October 19 – 1938
When Liverpool won the championship in consecutive seasons after the war they held their heads high and seemed ready to believe that success would never end.

So the team went on and – cracked. Then came the struggle. It was attempted to repair one weakness and then another, and the money was poured out. Even the directors might be surprised if the transfer fees paid over a period of 12 years were counted. Then I imagine someone said, “It is folly to continue in this way. Let us have a policy.
This was agreed to and the first move was to appoint a team manager, Mr. George Kay.

He has not produced stars from his sleeve, but in two years Liverpool under his guidance have not only built new foundations but a background, represented by embryonic champions in the reserve team which should be protection for the future. Their recent forward line – Ron Jones, 19 years of age; Phil Taylor, 20; Willie Fagan, 20; Jack Balmer, 22; and Van den Berg, 19 – must surely be the youngest in the League.

But instead of relying on their speed and enthusiasm they have been notable for their control and discipline.

Rising Gates
It is significant, too, that every match has brought a bigger gate than a year ago. Officials are pleased to believe that the crowds have been attracted by the side’s better football. I hope this is correct and that it is not due to the team’s greater success.

Mr. Kay told me of two seventeen-years-old forwards, Cyril Done and W. Hall, who not only possess the technique of ball play but the football mind.
A schoolboy from Bootle, Done is a young giant, standing 5ft. 11in. and weighing 12st., and there is much in his play to remind one of Harry Chambers, a star in Liverpool’s championship side.
Hall, who went to Anfield from a junior team at Whalley, is equally tall and is more of he David Jack type.
(Daily Mail, 19-10-1938)

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