Liverpool F.C.: Weighing up form

January 2, 1939
Liverpool had three representatives in London area. I met two – Messrs. Walter Henry Cartwright and George Alfred Richards. They had been improving the shining hour on scouting business – at different grounds. They did not mention where or why, but I do not think one was far from Highbury Stadium!

Mr. George Kay, manager, was also in the South, but he was not searching for players. He travelled to Carrow Road to see Norwich City’s match against Luton Town. His job was to run an eye over the Luton team to spot methods and weaknesses in readiness for next Saturday’s Anfield cuptie when Luton face the Reds.

Charlie’s speech.
The Liverpool players left immediately after Saturday’s victory over Preston North End for Saltburn in readiness for today’s match at Middlesbrough.

Directors William Harvey Webb and Stanley Ronald Williams were in charge, and they were joined yesterday by Mr. George Kay, who travelled North overnight.

I was on the telephone to their hotel shortly after we had ushered in the New Year Mr. Williams conveyed the good wishes of the players, and he mentioned that the party reached their hotel just seven minutes before midnight.

They all welcomed in the New Year, and with Mr. George Kay absent, Trainer Mr. Charlie Wilson was called on to make his annual speech.

“And a splendid speech it was,” said Mr. Williams.

Liverpool players go to Cleveleys tomorrow for their cuptie tonic.
(Evening Express: January 2, 1939)

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