Liverpool defensive change?

January 4, 1939
It is probable that all the Liverpool players who have been on the injured list will be available if required for the game against Luton Town. The doubts regarding team selection are in defence. The forward line practically selects itself and I do not anticipate any change from the usual Berry Nieuwenhuys, Phil Taylor, Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer, Bill Kinghorn” line.

The fact that the Reds have averaged only a point a match for their last four games, however, may bring about alterations in defence.

I do not like giving directors advice, but they might ponder over the point that prior to the Christmas holidays there had been few team changes – and the side carried the Reds to third position in the First Division table.

A team that could do that is, in my opinion, good enough to tackle a side positioned midway in the Second Division.

Personally, I expect the captain Tommy Cooper, to be back on duty, and that being so I anticipate the calling back of Fred Rogers to centre-half. Rogers has been one of the big successes of the Liverpool side this season.

I appreciate the value of Tom Bush, but if Cooper plays, then I think Rogers is the man for the pivotal position.

Matt Busby and James McInnes select themselves and so does Jim Harley for left back. Dirk Kemp has been in goal for the last three games, but if Arthur Riley is fit the more experienced man may be brought back.

The Reds are having a welcome rest at Cleveleys, from whence come the words “All’s well.”

There was not much snow at Cleveleys today, and some of the Liverpool players were able to play golf. Others went for a walk.

“All the players are going on splendidly,” said Mr. George Kay, the manager, when I spoke to him. “Present arrangements are that we remain here until Saturday morning and then go direct to Anfield for the match.”
(Evening Express: January 4, 1939)

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