Postcards to football clubs

Friday, January 13 – 1939
A doctor appeared at Liverpool to-day accused of publishing a defamatory libel concerning a local J.P., said to be “one of the best known sportsmen in the North of England.”

Dr John Tryweryn Lloyd (58), whose address was given as Bedford Street, Liverpool, was committed for trial on a charge of publishing a defamatory libel concerning Mr. George Evans, knowing it to be false, in the form of a postcard addressed to George Evans, J.P., a director of Everton Football Club, c/0 the chairman of Birmingham Football Club, St. Andrews, Birmingham, and which contained defamatory matter concerning Mr. Evans on November 11.

The second charge was similar, and related to a postcard addressed to Goodison Park, Liverpool, on December 2. The third alleged libel related to a postcard addressed c/o Preston North End, Deepdale, Preston on December 9; and the fourth and fifth accusations related to postcards addressed to Goodison Park, Liverpool on December 16 and 26.

He was allowed bail.

Chief P.A. officer
Mr. J.R. Bishop prosecuting aid that Mr. Evans was for many years assistant clerk to West Derby (Liverpool) Board of Guardians, and later became Chief Public Assistance Officer for the city. He retired from that position in March 1936, and in November last was made a magistrate.

Apart from his public life, he was one of the best-known sportsmen in the North of England. The libels in each instance were addressed to him either at the offices of Everton Club or at the offices of some club which Everton were visiting. Although he took no action when he received the first postcard, Mr. Evans eventually decided that he should place the matter in the hands of the police.

When Detective-Sergeant Nicholl saw Dr Lloyd on December 22, he said “Who the — hell are you? Sergeant Nicholl said. “We are detectives from Dale Street.” Dr Lloyd replied: “Ha. So you are servants of the so-called Major Wilson, public school boy and hero of Dartmoor.”

Mr. Bishop added that Dr Lloyd might have been referring to the Chief Constable. The detective produced the post cards and asked Dr Lloyd if he had written them to Mr. Evans. He replied at once, “Yes, I wrote them. It will cost you £25 to —- prove it with your experts.”

When cautioned, Dr Lloyd supplied with more abuse, said Mr. Bishop.

The alleged postcards
Mr. Bishop then read the post cards alleged to have been sent by Lloyd to Mr. Evans. On the front of one dated November 11 were the words: “You impudent, unscrupulous, lying black-guard. The son of an honest Corporation dustman.”

On the back was written: “May I congratulate you, in spite of my remarks on front of post card, on your appointment as a J.P. But is it your appointment rather “belated?” If you, a dishonest quartermaster-sergeant during the war, and ex-Board schoolboy, had been appointed some years back, perhaps your dishonest associate Webster might never have done three years’ penal servitude. Perhaps your dishonest associate Adair might still have been in the Public Assistance service. At any rate, even if not a magistrate, you have persecuted, lied, and done some evil to the signature below… Need we refer to Adair?

A second post card, dated December 2, continued. Mr. Bishop, had the following words on the back: “If I have addressed you as a liar, a most obvious epithet, it is because you … were too cowardly at a — case at the Liverpool Assizes. Although subpoenaed you did not attend. Although you flinched at committed perjury you have no scruples in covering perjury, fraud, and complicity in your dishonest colleague Webster (sen.), Webester (jun.), Adair, McDowall, and many others …” The post card concluded. “You unscrupulous blackguard.”

Mr. Bishop said that perhaps the most surprising feature of the case was that, until to-day, Mr. Evans had never set eyes on the doctor.
(Edinburgh Evening News, 13-01-1939)

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