Liverpool in town

Saturday, January 14 – 1939
Liverpool are in town to-day, with Charlton Athletic as opponents. After their defeat in the Cup at Cardiff last Saturday, the Charlton club had several players on the injured list. Changes are made for to-day’s game, and as Liverpool will be short of Berry Nieuwenhuys and Tom Bush, the teams are below strength. A very keen contest, however, is assured.

Liverpool, with Rogers at centre half, R. Jones at outside right, and Eastham at outside left, will, I believe, make Charlton go all the way. The Athletic are very good on their own ground, where they have lost only once this season. The club at the moment has secured 26 points in 22 matches, compared with 27 for 24 games for Liverpool. The winners to-day will, therefore, be very well placed.

Liverpool. – Dirk Kemp, Bernard Ramsden, Jim Harley, Matt Busby, Fred Rogers, James McInnes, Ron Jones, Phil Taylor, Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer, Harry Eastham.

Charlton Athletic. – Sam Bartram, Jack Shreeve, Bert Turner, A.N. Other, Jack Oakes, Don Welsh, Monty Wilkinson, Sailor Brown, George Tadman, Les Boulter, Harold Hobbis.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 14-01-1939)

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