Five goals from Jack Wood

Friday, March 3 – 1939
Congratulations to Jackie Wood on his remarkable achievement against Horwich R.M.I. on Saturday. He had the rare distinction of obtaining no fewer than five goals for his side, thus bringing his total of first team goals to twenty-one this season.

Many supporters will recollect him performing the same feat during the 1933-34 season when he registered the same number of goals against Chester Reserves on Christmas Day. That day, Sammy Morris, the ex-Sunderland player and product of Prescot football appeared in the Chester team and I well remember how Jackie, then a lad in his ‘teens held his own in the duels with the “star” player.

Wood joined Prescot Cables five seasons ago from Liverpool, and the club owes a great deal to his capable forward. His brilliance had made him a great favourite with the crowd at Hope-street. He is a constant trier and recommend himself to any forward line. He resides in Liverpool, and is employed at the Liverpool Abattoir.

The first team’s goal scorers, including cup-tie matches, to date are: Jones 23, Wood 21, Howard 4, Fairfoull 3, Rimmer 3, Lewis 2, Robinson 2, Rosenthal 2, White 2, Dutton 1, Fyles 1, Spence 1, Thompson 1, Pilling 1, Whalley (penalty) 1, and Belshaw (Droylsden United, own goal) 1. Total 69.
(Prescot Recorder, 03.03.1939)

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