Charles Hewitt censured by the FA

Tuesday, March 7 – 1939
Mr. Charles Hewitt, the Millwall F.C. manager, has been severely censured by the Football Association.

This announcement was made to-day in the publication of the findings of the Consultative Committee of the FA which sat in London on March 3 to investigate a complaint lodged by Referee G. Dutton alleging that after the FA Cup replay between Millwall and Grimsby Town on January 24, 1939, Mr. C. Hewitt, general manager and secretary of Millwall F.C., made slanderous and defamatory statements concerning him, and made offensive remarks to the Grimsby Town players.

Findings of the Committee.
The minutes also state: –
“The evidence adduced satisfied the committee that –
“(1) The complaint as lodged against Mr. C. Hewitt was justified.
“(2) Mr. Hewitt’s conduct in general was ungentlemanly and not in the interest of football.
“(3) A counter-complaint made by Mr. Hewitt on behalf of Millwall F.C. that the Grimsby Town Football Club opposed the checking of the gates was not justified.

Decisions of the Committee.
“(1) That Mr. Hewitt be severely censured and ordered to pay the costs of the inquiry.
“(2) That as the complaint made by Mr. Dutton was justified, it was in the interests of the game and all concerned that it be investigated and that action be taken.
“(3) That the Millwall club be instructed to print without comment the decisions reached by the committee in their programmes for the next two first team home matches, and be ordered to forward copies of those programmes to the Football Association.
“(4) That the Millwall club be reminded of the responsibility of all clubs for the conduct of their officials.”

Manager’s Playing Career.
When a player Mr. Hewitt assisted Liverpool, Swansea Town, and Cardiff City – first as an inside forward and then as a goalkeeper – and appeared in international trial matches.

He joined Chester as manager when the club was in debt and playing in the Cheshire League. Under his guidance the debts were soon cleared off and the club gained admission to the League on their first application.

In April 1936 Mr. Hewitt accepted the post as manager of Millwall on terms which gave him an entirely free hand. Next season Millwall reached the semi-final of the FA Cup after beating Fulham, Chelsea, Derby County, and Manchester City. This was the first time that a Third Division club had reached the semi-final.

Last year Millwall won promotion to the Second Division.

On being informed of the findings of the Football Association, Mr. Hewitt said: – “I have been in poor health for some time and my recent accident when I was knocked down by a taxi has made matters worse. I am at the club office to-day against my doctor’s orders and only because there is a board meeting here later. I do not wish to make any further statement until after that meeting.”
(Dundee Evening Telegraph, 07-03-1939)

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