Personality. John Charles Rouse

March 18, 1939
Assistant-Secretary John Charles Rouse is portrayed this week. Like Theo Kelly, the Everton secretary, he was educated at Oaks Institute, so this old school has provided each of our senior clubs with an executive. Jack played in the schools’ shield matches in those days, but once he left the school and joined the London and Lancashire Insurance Company he went into football as secretary. He was with the now-defunct Orrell Athletic when they rose in successive seasons from third to first division of the Zingari League. Later he was associated in a secretarial capacity with Northern Nomads.

He was their Liverpool official when they went to Sunderland in 1926 and won the Amateur Cup by a record score – 7-1. Nomads are the only Lancashire club who have ever won the Amateur Cup, though I have vivid memories of seeing Marine try to equal that record at West Ham in the days when Halsall (who played so well for Birmingham in the Cup-tie against Everton a week or two ago) was a member of the Fred Lake team.

John Charles Rouse had an Everton tendency before he became associated, in 1928, with Liverpool, as assistant secretary, the position he still holds. There can be no shadow of doubt as to where his preference lies now!
(Source: Liverpool Echo: March 18, 1939; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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