Ephraim Longworth: A brick wall argufler

April 15, 1939
Ephraim Longworth, think of thatch, bowed of leg, and still intensely interested and knowledgeable in the rules of football, is the parader this week. He’s fast becoming a long service contender, and he’s known far and wide for his football, for his coaching, and for his forthright views on everything appertaining to his game.

In summer you will find him not far from his football haunts, possibly enjoying on the car park asphalt a game they designate “lawn tennis.” Eph is reserve team trainer and coach, and the lads of the Anfield wage list listen attentively to his teachings and act accordingly.

I well remember him in his prime in those glorious seasons when Liverpool were up on top for two seasons on end. Those twinkling bowey legs, which almost match the Dicky Dows “arches,” came up winners from practically all tackles. Eph was a bit of a journalist, too, in those days, and Monday mornings sharp he was in this office with his usual weekly quota and a few rule teasers by way of make-weight.

His greatest offence was when he placed a ball for free kick and then, after finding the wind continually moving it, kept coming back to replace it afresh. The referee though he was wasting time and warned him. But Eph persisted in having the ball “dead,” and knew he was in the right because the rules say distinctly (despite what Matt Busby often does!) that the ball shall be dead before a free kick can be taken.

Eph is almost built in with the bricks. He’s a brick wall argufler, too, when he’s in the right!

(Liverpool Echo: April 15, 1939)


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