Liverpool ‘A’ v Lancaster C.M.H. 2-0 (West Lancashire League match)

Saturday, April 22 – 1939
A Match, West Lancashire League, at Liverpool.
Liverpool ‘A’ – Lancaster C.M.H. 2-0 (1-0).
Liverpool ‘A’ (2-3-5): Jack Haines, Billy Hall, Billy Liddell,
Lancaster C.M.H. (2-3-5): Metcalfe, Guy, Shuttlesworth, Bowker, Stevenson, Rose.
The goals: 1-0 Hall (25 min.), 2-0 Haines.

A high wind spoiled the possibility of good football in the game between Liverpool ‘A’ and Lancaster C.M.H. at Liverpool on Saturday. Liverpool deserved their 2-0 victory.

C.M.H. started well and held the home team in their own half for some time until Haines broke away and headed over the bar, but the Hospital retaliated for Bowker to put a fast shot just wide of the upright with the goalkeeper beaten. Stevenson, Rose and Bowker were playing well in the visiting forward line and they were backed up by two clever halves in Metcalfe and Guy.

Liverpool took the lead after 25 minutes, Hall converting a centre by Liddell.

Shuttlesworth placed in a corner and only a magnificent save by the home goalkeeper prevented Stevenson’s header from going into the net.

Lancaster were one goal down at half-time, but in the second half Liverpol had the advantage of the ground slope and added another goal, Haines being the scorer.

Result: Liverpool ‘A’ 2, Lancaster C.M.H. 0.
(Lancaster Guardian, 28-04-1939)



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