Liverpool Reserves secure their status

May 4, 1939
Liverpool Reserves by beating Manchester United, at Anfield, yesterday, by 2 goals to none, saved themselves the indignity of having to apply for re-election to the Central League.

There was more than that hanging on the result, because a win or a draw would have meant that Manchester United were champions. Liverpool’s goals in a game that proved to be one of the dullest seen at the ground this season, came a few minutes from the end, when first Jones and then Balmer got past a defence that was affected by injury to Chilton early in the game. Chilton could do little save hobble along at outside left from the early moments.

Every member of the Liverpool team save one had appeared in the first team during the season, and although the opposition, too, took the precaution of playing several first teamers, Liverpool’s was by far the strongest side on paper. Actually the one man who had not played in distinguished company S. Eastham, played exceptionally well and was quite Liverpool’s best half-back.

At times the Liverpool need seemed more for practical reserves than rather finicky first teamers, but as all turned out well in the end, their purpose was served. Although the ground had been watered – and this was a wise precaution – the ball more often than not beat the player and there were only one or two worth-while football moves from either side.

Kinghorn enjoyed early chances but could not make the most of them, and then after Chilton’s knock had upset the Manchester side, it was all Liverpool without their providing a telling finish touch until within five minutes of the end.

Liverpool Reserves: Dirk Kemp, Jim Harley, Bernard Ramsden, Stan Eastham, Tom Bush, John Browning, Ron Jones, Phil Taylor, Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer, Bill Kinghorn.
Manchester United Reserves: Tom Breen, Hubert Redwood, Billy Porter, Len Bradbury, Allenby Chilton, Bert Whalley, Tommy Dougan, Willie Gladwin, Bill Hullett, Stan Pearson, Billy Wrigglesworth.
Referee: Mr. A. Noble.
(Liverpool Daily Post: May 4, 1939)


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