Walter Henry Cartwright: The talent-searching director

May 6, 1939
Mr. Walter Henry Cartwright has been a member of the Liverpool F.C. board for 18 years, including three years as chairman immediately prior to the chairmanship of William John Harrop. In his younger days he played as an amateur with the Huyton Quarry Club, but even in those far-off days – the 1890’s – he was a keen follower of the Anfield club.

Few football legislators in the country are so busy with the game. In addition to figuring in many committees Mr. Cartwright is vice-chairman of the County FA, chairman of the Finance Committee of the County FA, a member of the Lancashire FA Council, Treasurer of the Hospital Cup competition, and President of the Wednesday League. He is also governor of the Royal Liverpool United Hospital.

He probably spends more time travelling up and down the country than any other director in the game and is known wherever football is played as an emissary of Liverpool F.C. after talent.

When he was chairman he took the liberty of signing up Jack Balmer, while most of the other directors were touring the Canary Isles, and he has never regretted that he took the onus to make sure that Balmer did not go elsewhere during the close season.

Mr. Cartwright signed Phil Taylor, Bill Kinghorn, Jimmy McInnes and was responsible for Tom Bush. His best story concerns the signing of McInnes at short notice. Liverpool were shy of a half-back and Mr. Cartwright was sent up with power to sign Archie Miller, of Hearts.

But Miller did not come up to standard. So Mr. Cartwright straightaway got into touch with Third Lanark over McInnes, whom he had seen on the first Saturday of the season. Preston and Brentford were also bidding for the player’s services, but Mr. Cartwright held the deal open while he put the matter before the board, and the voting decided that they should go for McInnes. This is one more signing the club have never regretted.

Mr. Cartwright, having retired as Liverpool manager for the Royal Liver Friendly Society, can now devote the whole of his time to football. His “best” Liverpool team – if they could have been played at once – is: Elisha Scott, Ephraim Longworth, Donald Mackinlay, Matt Busby, Alex Raisbeck, Tom Bromilow, Arthur Goddard, Dick Forshaw, Sam Raybould, Harry Chambers, John Cox.
(Liverpool Football Echo: May 6, 1939)

Walter Henry Cartwright, Director of Liverpool F.C.


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