Everton’s shareholders played the game

May 11, 1939
Business at the Everton Shareholders’ Association annual meeting, last evening was mainly formal. The various report were passed without comment, and offices re-elected, including Mr. Andrew Coffey as president, Messrs. Bill Gibbins, G. Evans, and W.R. Williams all directors of the Everton club, vice-president and Mr. Albert “Alf” Denaro chairman.

The executive committee of eight – which held twenty-seven meetings during the past year was increased to twenty by the addition of Messrs. J.A. Davies, Tom Taylor, F.K. Smith, R.H. Jones, W.H. Tickle, A. Rhyne, T.E. Taylor, A. Crosbie, J. Livesey, R. Perveril, F. Taylor, and A. Evans.

Mr. R.E. Searle who presided, in the unavoidable absence of Mr. Deanro, refereed to the recent resignation from the association of Mr. Ernest Green, chairman of the Everton club, and said that a year ago, before he was elected to his present position, Mr. Green had express himself very definitely as being against the co-option of directors to the board.

He (Mr. Searle) was unaware of what had caused the chairman to change his views, for the association had played the game all along, and had only stuck to its principle. He regarded this latest developed as the thin end of the edge in an attend to break the association. He was confident however, that it would not success and that their candidate would be returned at the annual meeting.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 11, 1939; via http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited



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