Football League proposals

May 26, 1939
The Football League balance sheet shows a profit of £18 3s. 11d. on the year, bringing the amount in Profit and Loss Account to £10,577 2s. 7d.

There was an increase in the amount received as share of percentage of net takings from £2,885 in the previous year to £4,170.

On the agenda for the annual meeting at the Holborn Restaurant, London, on June 5, Manchester City seek to alter the rule concerning the compensation for matches postponed on account of cup-ties in order to make it that no compensation whatever will be payable if both home and visiting clubs are in the cup competition.

There will be a Management Committee proposal to alter the rule concerning the linesmen’s list. At present each club nominates one linesman, who must be under 40 years of age, but the new proposal provides that the Management Committee shall compile each season a list of linesmen who shall be registered senior referees and actively engaged in refereeing, and in the case of new linesmen shall be under 35 years of age.
(Evening Express: May 26, 1939)


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