First football film begins

Wednesday, June 28 – 1939
With Leslie Banks starring, filming began yesterday on “The Arsenal Stadium Mystery,” with Josef Somlo producing for G. and F. at Denham. The picture, an adaption of Leonard Gribble’s story of a football who dies during an Arsenal match, is being directed by Thorold Dickinson. The cast includes Greta Gynt, Ian Maclean, Anthony Bushell, Eamon Knight, Liane Linden, Alistair McIntyre, and Wyndham Goldie.

Mystery 1

Important parts are also played by George Allison, famous Arsenal Cup manager, trainer Tom Whitaker, and the Arsenal First League team.

Mystery 2

Shooting to-day and all this week is taking place on the Highbury ground, where two matches are being played for the film.

The matches are between the Arsenal and the amateur Trojan team, who, according to the story, are playing in aid of charity. The first match is abandoned when a member of the Trojan team suddenly dies in mysterious circumstances. The riddle of his death is solved by Leslie Banks in the part of a detective. The games is later replayed, resulting in a draw.

Mystery 3
(The Ere, 29-06-1939)

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