Footballers and motor-cars

Tuesday, July 18 – 1939
Disturbed at the possibility of injuries arising out of accidents, Portsmouth Football Club, holders of the FA Cup, have ordered their players to give up their motor-cars. The ban follows the serious injury of James Guthrie, captain of the team, in a smash during the “blackout” at Harrogate last week. Guthrie is in hospital, and was stated last night to be still very ill. The players, who are now dispersed in various parts of the country on summer leave, have received a notification from Mr. J.W. Tinn, secretary manager, that they must give up their cars from Tuesday of next week.

No Everton ban.
Thought two Everton players Jock Thomson and Billy Cook were also involved in the smash the Daily Post understands that the Everton club does not intend to impose a similar ban on private cars.

“We have never considered imposing such a ban,” Mr. Ernest Green, chairman of the club, said to the Daily Post last night. “About half a dozen of our players have their own cars, and I don’t think they will be ordered to give them up. I understand that about twenty years ago, however, Everton players were asked to give up their motor-cycles when Billy Brown, a half-back, met with an accident while motor-cycling.”

Liverpool Director’s view.
Mr. Walter Henry Cartwright, a director of Liverpool F.C., told the Daily Post that he was in favour of such a ban being imposed during the playing season, and intended to raise the matter at the next board meeting.

“There have been a number of these accidents recently and cricketers as well as footballers have been involved,” he said.

“I have no objection to players motoring in the close season – about seven of Liverpool players have cars – but my personal opinion is that they should give up their cars when they start training again.

“After all training and motoring do not mix, and a man who does hard training in the morning may stiffen up if he goes motoring in the afternoon. Motoring is not calculated to keep an athlete in the best of condition. It is all right players driving about in their cars when they are not in training, but in the playing season it is only fair to the club that they should keep in the possible condition.”

(Liverpool Daily Post, 18-07-1939)

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