Liverpool players’ report for training

July 27, 1939
Liverpool players reported at the Anfield ground yesterday, and Everton receive their members at Goodison Park on Monday. Mr. William John Harrop, the chairman of the Liverpool club, welcomed the players, who were fit and happy. Mr. Harrop expressed the hope that in this season of numbers, Liverpool would finish No. 1. He and his colleagues on the board had every confidence and the utmost faith in the loyalty and ability of the players.

The new players at Anfield.
Among the new players were George Poland, the Welsh and former Wrexham keeper, who has joined Arthur Riley, Dirk Kemp, and the former Army player Syd Lund, so there should be no shortage of goal-stoppers.

Ray Lambert, the young Connah’s Quay boy, reported as a professional for the first time, and so did Bob Paisley, who played for Bishop Auckland in the Amateur Cup final last season, before Manager George Kay took him to the Anfield.

All the old brigade looked and hearty after a summer in which the Swedish tour took pride of place in the matter of personal interest. Riley and Kemp are back from Juan-les-Pines, sunburnt and full of the similarity of this part of France and their South African resorts. The only absentee was Ron Jones, on Militia training.

Matt Busby, newly-elected captain, has been homing in Scotland, where he hardly saw anything but rain during what should have been the sunshine hours. If the rain has ruined holiday prospects for some of them, it has been a godsend to Bert Riley, whose grass has never looked greener nor freer of weed.

The ground itself is fresh as paint. The 2,500 extra tip-up seats have been duly installed in the main stand, and the new scoreboard on either side of the ground, along the strip of concrete visible to the opposite side, is a useful addition.

The old-fashioned score-box at the corner has disappeared.

1939 training
(Liverpool Daily Post: July 28, 1939)


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