Footballers with no privileges

Friday, August 4 – 1939
Everything continues to run smoothly at Langrove Camp, where 24 Liverpool footballers are in camp with the 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment. I have received another letter from the club captain, Matt Busby, who states:
“Here are again, but I think we should have been sailors rather than soldiers this morning.

“When we got up there were pools of water all round our tents so deep we could have easily floated a boat. It knocked our physical training on the head, but we were able to go to the moors for Bren gun and anti-tank rifle work.

“The lads are all doing well at musketry, although a few are having difficulty with the range-finding.

“I am sorry to say that we have lost our place at the top of the League for efficiency. Unfortunately one of our members left his cap in the mess. Result, we dropped three points!

“Judging from some letters I have received, following on these little notes sent to you, some people seem to imagine that we footballers are getting special privileges. This is entirely wrong.

“We are doing exactly the same work as all the other people in camp, and we would have it no other way. We are Territorials – and we like it.”
(Evening Express, 04-08-1939, by ‘Pilot’)

Matt Busby, Liverpool F.C.

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