Liverpool F.C. players’ camp life

Saturday, August 5 – 1939
“This has been a big change for all of us, but it has been a fine experience and we have had some enjoyable times.”
So writes Matt Busby, the captain of Liverpool F.C., who is in camp with other members of the club’s playing strength at Gower, South Wales. They are with the 9th Battalion the King’s (Liverpool) Regiment.

“The players had a practice match on Wednesday night,” continues the captain, “and all the members of the battalion were spectators. On Thursday night we got out of camp for the first time and finished up in a fairground just outside Swansea. The rifle range did a roaring trade, and Arthur Riley, Dirk Kemp, Bernard Ramsden, and Willie Fagan picked up some nice glass dishes for their marksmanship.

“When we rolled up for pay, one of the players found that his came out at 2s. 3d. – quite a change for a professional footballer. Of course boots and shirts had to be paid for, and the same player lost his cap, which meant a deduction of 1s. 9d. from his pay.”

The players return to Liverpool tomorrow.
(Evening Express, 05-08-1939)


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