Everton’s first game

Wednesday, August 9 – 1939
Everton take the field on Saturday at Goodison Park, kick-off at 3.15, when the championship team, in blue, will oppose the Whites. Everton demonstrated their skill in a convincing manner last term and all being well the players who won the League Cup will again make a bold effort to retain the trophy. No doubt their supporters will turn up in strong force to see the men in this preliminary exposition of the code.

There is only one member new to Goodison Park. Eric Barber who comes from Blyth Spartans with a good reputation as an inside forward. In the part, Everton have recruited some good players from Blyth Spartans, and Barber is regarded as an excellent inside left.

The teams for Saturday’s game are;
Blues: Ted Sagar, Billy Cook, Norman Greenhalgh, Joe Mercer, Tommy Jones, Gordon Watson, Torry Gillick, Stan Bentham, Tommy Lawton, Alex Stevenson, Wally Boyes.
Whites: Percy Lovett, George Jackson, Jack Jones, Cliff Britton, Charlie Gee, Maurice Lindley, Arthur Barber, Jimmy Cunliffe, Bunny Bell, Eric Barber, Jimmy Caskie.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 09-08-1939, by ‘John Peel’)


Everton again appoint Thomson as captain.
Teams for Saturday practice match.
Everton stage their first and only practice match on Saturday next, kick-off 3.15, when the League champion championship side will oppose the Central League team. The following week they play Liverpool at Anfield, in the Jubilee Fund match. While there will be one “debutant,” on view this week-end, there will be plenty to interest Goodison Park followers in the appearance of Caskie of whom just enough was seen last season to whet the appetite for more, Lovett who is now first reserve as goalkeeper since the departure of Harry Morton to Burnley, and Edward Barber – no relation to the other forward of the same name – who came on trial from Blyth Spartans at the end of last April, and so impressed that he was signed there and then.

Lovett will be remembered as the goalkeeper from Shrewsbury Juniors to get whose capture Mr. Harold Pickering had to sign half the Juniors team. The others have melted away like snow in summer – if snow would melt this weather –but Lovett has more than confirmed Mr. Pickering’s judgement, and when Sagar is not available Everton need have no qualms about blooding the Shropshire youngsters.

While Cook has quickly got over the effects of the motor smash at Leeds and has been in training the past fortnight, Jock Thomson has not been so fortunate. The upper part of his arm and the shoulder are still strapped up, and though he is making satisfactory progress it will probably be a week yet before the bandages can be removed.

Meantime, at last night’s board meeting, the directors again appointed Thomson, as captain for the coming season, which means that in the early part of the campaign at any rate, whatever may happen later. Thomson will once again be non-playing skipper, and will accompany the side in all matches. Thomson’s influence and comradeship, especially among the younger players, had much to do with Everton’s success last term, and the board’s chance is a wise one. No deputy captain has been appointed but cook, who acted in that capacity during Thomson’s absence last term, will doubtless fill the role again.

The Everton players went over to Ellesmere Port today, for their annual cricket, tennis, and bowl matches with Bowaters one of the most pleasant interludes of their pre-season training programme. Next Monday and Tuesday evening a combined Liverpool and Everton side will play Bootle Cricket Club, at Hawthorne Road.

The team for Saturday are as follows:
Blues: Sagar; Cook, Greenhalgh; Mercer, Jones, Watson; Gillick, Bentham, Lawton, Stevenson, Boyes.

Whites: Lovett; Jackson, Jones; Britton, Gee, Lindley; Barber (A.), Cunliffe, Bell, Barber (E.), Caskie.
(Liverpool Echo, 09-08-1939, by ‘Ranger’)


Jock Thomson is Everton’s captain again
Teams for Blues one trial match.
Eric Barber only newcomer on view.
Jock Thomson, Everton’s Scottish international half back, has been appointed captain of the champions for season 1939-40. The decision was made by the directors at their meeting last night, and it is the second season in succession Jock has been given the honour. Thomson is at present on the injured list with a damaged shoulder and so in the early weeks of the season, at least he will be non playing captain. This means he will travel with the first team to all matches and sit with Trainer Harry Cooke on the touchline.

The directors have not appointed a vice-captain but will select a skipper for each match when Thomson is not available. This was the procedure last season. During the closing weeks of last campaign Thomson acted as non-playing captain. When he went out of the team with a back injury, Watson took his place at left half with marked success and Billy Cook left the side on the field. Everton are now all set for their only public practise game. This takes place at Goodison on Saturday afternoon when last year’s championship side oppose the reserve.

The only new comer on view will be Eric Barber, a young inside left from Blyth Spartans, the club from which Everton have secured many fine players. Barber had one trial with the Central League last season, and Mr. Theo Kelly, the club secretary, is certain the Blues have much fine capture.
“In the two private trials we have held,” said Mr. Kelly, “Barber has shown good form. He is a big strong lad, possessing rare ability, and a foot ball brain.”

The team for Saturday’s trial are:
Blues: Sagar; Cook, Greenhalgh; Mercer, Jones, Watson; Gillick, Bentham, Lawton, Stevenson, Boyes.

Whites: Lovett; Jackson, Jones; Britton, Gee, Lindley; Barber (A.), Cunliffe, Bell, Barber (E.), Caskie.
(Evening Express, 09-08-1939, by ‘Pilot’)

Jock Thomson, Everton F.C. captain.

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