Dallison Cooper for Liverpool F.C.

Thursday, August 10 – 1939
While Mr. George Kay, Liverpool’s manager was on holiday at Bournemouth, he did not forget about football. He kept his eyes and ears open all the time, and believes he has found a fine young player.

I asked Mr. Kay the name of the lad, and he replied, “Cooper.” I asked Cooper’s position, and you can imagine my surprise when he said, “Right back.” Well, of this young player turns out to be half as good as Tommy Cooper, Liverpool’s other right back, then there will be cause for jubilation.

Dallison Cooper is 21, 5ft. 11ins. and 11st. 10lbs., and has been signed on amateur forms. He comes from Bishopstoke, a township near Southampton, where Mr. Kay was manager before coming to Anfield.
(Evening Express, 10-08-1939, by ‘Pilot’)



  1. Well, I had always heard that my Grandad Cooper played for Liverpool just before the war but never quite believed it! Fascinating to find a reference to him here…

  2. He played for Liverpool “A” team against Burnley in West Lancashire League, 26/8-1939. Lverpool won 7-0.

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