Barber, of Everton, a new player to watch

August 11, 1939
Everton will have only one new player in action at Goodison Park, where the championship side of last season face the reserves power. The new player is Eddie Barber, a strongly-built inside-forward who joined the Blues from the north-eastern nursery Blyth Spartans. Everton have had many good players from Blyth in the past of gratitude a year ago they wrote off a debt which the Spartans owed them and if only indications are to be accepted as a true criterion, Barber is going to make his mark.

He is a player with boundless energy – as befitting these hardly lads who hail from the north-east also possesses that essential cleverness that goes to make the ideal footballer. If anyone expects to see the finished article in Barber he will be disappointed, but I accept the opinion of Secretary Mr. Theo Kelly, who states “Barber is a good, strong, clever lad who should make his grade.” Barber did will in one trial last season with the Central League side at Goodison Park. Tomorrow he plays inside-left in the Whites’ side and he should not lack for support from his immediate left or in fact, from behind. His partner will be the Scottish success of the recent America tour, wee Jimmy Caskie, and behind him will be tall, nonchalant Maurice Lindley.

Bell at centre.
In addition “Bunny” Bell, a natural footballer, will be there at centre forward ready to be found always in position for the quick thrust through. Yes Barber has a great chance of establishing himself with the Goodison public. The Blues side will be composed of the men who last season upset the prophets –or the vast majority of them –by winning the championship by a margin of four points. They are sure of a warm welcome but that applies to the Whites as well and especially to Cliff Britton, George Jackson and Jack Jones, who did so well with England in South Africa. Everton will, as usual show us the intricate of football, which will more than compensate for the absence of competitive interest.

Blues: Ted Sagar, Billy Cook, Norman Greenhalgh, Joe Mercer, Tommy Jones, Gordon Watson, Torry Gillick, Stan Bentham, Tommy Lawton, Alex Stevenson, Wally Boyes.
Whites: Percy Lovett, George Jackson, Jack Jones, Cliff Britton, Charlie Gee, Maurice Lindley, Arthur Barber, Jimmy Cunliffe, Bunny Bell, E. Barber, Jimmy Caskie.
(Evening Express: August 11, 1939’)


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