Football trial teams

Saturday, August 12 – 1939
The teams to turn out for Tranmere Rovers, Chester, Wrexham, South Liverpool and Crewe today are appended: –

Tranmere Rovers.
Blues: – Beale, L. Hodgson, Obrey, Davies, Walkden, Byrom, Alldis, Cuff, Sloan, Bridges, Griffiths.
Reds: – Daniels, Keanes, Arthur Owen, Ted Anderson, E. Richards, Spencer, G. Rosenthal, Abe Rosenthal, Buckley, A. Martin, Evans.

Stripes: – Alf Hobson, Brown, Gregg, Harold Howarth, Walters, Butcher, Williams, Dobson, Davies, Worswick, Marsh.
Whites: – Bill Shortt, Griffiths, Common, Cole, Jones, McCreary, Horsman, McGough, Law, Pendergast, Warburton.

Blues: – Bryan, Screen, Bellamy, Ted Savage, Snow, Bellis, R.R. Broad, G. Price, T. Bradbury, Clarke, G. Davies.
Reds: – C. Davies, Tunney, Hayes, Roberts, Matthias, Briggs, Williams, Nelson, Woodman, Ford, Brown.

Whites: – Gill, Bradbury, A.N. Other, Davies, Cope, A.N. Other, Waring, Rice, Stevens, Chandler, Johnson.
Reds: – Poskett, Gilchrist, Kneale, Cooper, Lewis, Bicton, Foulkes, Jones, Foster, Cobourne, McArdle.

South Liverpool.
Maroons: – Franks, Wylie, Crawford, A.E. Jones, Pickavence, Murray, George Leabetter, G. Jones, Singleton, A.N. Other, Levett.
Blues: – William Roper, O’Brien, Hurst, Salmon, Tom Bradshaw, Jack Pilling, Peters, Mulholland, Roberts, Stan Palk, Qualthrough.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 12-08.1939)


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