Everton and Liverpool footballers at cricket

Tuesday, August 15 – 1939
Footballers need 198 runs to win.
The combined team of Everton and Liverpool footballers need 198 runs tonight to beat Bootle in the cricket match at Hawthorne Road, Bootle. Bootle scored 197 runs in 144 minutes last night.

Brilliant fielding by the footballers was a feature of the game, with special mention of Berry Nieuwenhuys, whose runs along the boundary thriller the spectators.

The best stand of the innings was between J.H. Shadbolt and J.W. Greenwood for the ninth wicket, which put on 56 in 22 minutes. Greenwood, who made top score for Bootle, batted in all 76 minutes for his 44 and hit seven 4’s.

F. Harrison, next highest with 28 also gave a good display, He found the boundary on four occasions.

S. Shepherd (23), J.H. Shadbolt (22) and H.S. Brown (18), also did well with the bat.

Of the eight bowlers tried, the most successful were C. Gee, three for 26, and E. Jones three for 30, P. Taylor one for 17, and W.H. Jones one for 19.

H.S. Brown, c Nieuwenhuys b J. Jones, 18;
S. Shepherd, run out, 23;
J.R. Williams lbw b J. Jones, 6;
F. Harrison, c J. Jones b. W.H. Jones, 28;
J.W. Greenwood, b. J. Jones, 44;
E.A. Lawrence, c J. Jones b Gee, 0;
A. Cohen, lbw b Gee, 2;
W.E. Lewis, c Done b Taylor, 3;
H. Hobley, b Gee, 12;
J.H. Shadbolt, run out, 22;
T. Roberts, run out, 7;
B.F. Lawrence, run out, 3;
** Extras, 29;
***** Total, 197.

Everton and Liverpool F.C.’s: Charlie Gee, Stan Bentham, Bunny Bell, Jack Jones, Maurice Lindley, George Milligan, Jack Balmer, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Cyril Done, Eddie Spicer, Phil Taylor, Bill Jones.
(Evening Express, 15-08-1939)

FOOTBALLERS A CRICKET. – Top, Everton and Liverpool players in the match against Bootle at Bootle. Left to right, Phil Taylor, Charlie Gee, Stan Bentham, George Milligan, Jack Jones, Bunny Bell, Jack Balmer, Bill Jones, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Cyril Done, Eddie Spicer. On the left, Shepherd (Bootle), sends one to the boundary. Right, F. Harrison (Bootle) scores a four. Bootle 197 all out. The match will be continued tonight.


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