Liverpool F.C.’s ill luck

August 16, 1939
Riley dislocates finger.
May be out of game for a month.
Liverpool F.C. have started the season unluckily. Their second trial has not been going long when Arthur Riley was crowding out a shot by W.H. Jones suffered a knock that caused the dislocation of the little finger of his right hand.

The injury will probably keep him out for about a month. Kemp, the club’s other South African goalkeeper came in for the second half after Ramsden had taken over the goalkeeping mantle for as much as was left of the first half.

This latest practice was favoured with weather that was almost too good. The sunshine was particularly both ring to Whites in the first half, and it was then Reds – virtually the first team – paved the way to their 3-1 success. Goalkeeper Poland, who had played impressively in the first match, made several blunders and from one of them Van den Berg was credited with a direct-from-corner goal, though the goalkeeper once had the ball in his grasp; then fumbled it over the line. Fagan had glanced a nice header for the first goal. After Done scored for Whites, Fagan converted a penalty award.

Poland’s display.
Poland’s display was variable, possible because having suffered the glare of the sunshine he appeared to be shaky in his work afterwards. But he had a couple of fine saves to his credit. So the club’s goalkeeping problem is still as vexed as ever.

It was a good first half, but the second spell was ragged. Whites put in some unexpectedly good stuff at times in the game’s brightest period and there was a rousing moment when Done and Liddell both hit the same post with grand shots.

Again the good and bad marks must be meted out with a clear understanding of how misleading such trials can be, but W.H. Jones and Easdale and Done were clearly above average “Central Leaguers,” and Liddell, for a mere boy, showed he has plenty of heart and knows a trick or two about right winging. Easdale’s duels with Fagan ended as often in his favour as Fagan & Co with some nice passes working from S. Eastham and a pull together spirit backed by Tommy Cooper’s sure full back touch.

Whites did not fare at all badly. The regulars played their normal stuff, and Riley was doing particularly well when his injury took him out of the game. Kemp did all that was asked of him surely and well afterwards.

Result: Reds 3, Whites 1.

Reds. – Arthur Riley (Dirk Kemp after interval), Jim Harley, Bernard Ramsden, Matt Busby, Tom Bush, James McInnes, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Phil Taylor, Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer, Herman Van den Berg.
Whites. – George Poland, Tommy Cooper, Fred Rogers, Stan Eastham, Jack Easdale, Bob Paisley, Billy Liddell, Bill Jones, Cyril Done, George Paterson, Bill Kinghorn.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 17-08-1939)

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