The Anfield ‘derby’

Saturday, August 19 – 1939
On Merseyside the chief Soccer attraction is the meeting of Liverpool and Everton at Anfield, and I am sure supporters of the game will revel in this match. Both teams have enjoyed preliminary runs and this match will enable the players to get really ready for the following Saturday. It should prove a capital exposition of the finer points of the play.

The kick-off is at 3.15 and the teams are:
Liverpool. – George Poland, Jim Harley, Bernard Ramsden, Matt Busby, Tom Bush, James McInnes, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Phil Taylor, Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer, Herman Van den Berg.

Everton. – Ted Sagar, Billy Cook, Norman Greenhalgh, Joe Mercer, Tommy Jones, Gordon Watson, Torry Gillick, Stan Bentham, Tommy Lawton, Alex Stevenson, Wally Boyes.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 19-08-1939)

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