Players’ Union: Members to put major claims to clubs

Monday, August 21 – 1939
Delegates at the annual general meetings of the Association Football Players’ and Trainers’ Union, held at Manchester yesterday, considered the Football League’s inability to agree to suggestions put forward by the Union for improved wages and benefits for players. These requests include: –

An increase of £1 per week, making a maximum of £9 per week; the establishment of a minimum wage of £4 per week with the alternative of a free transfer; winter wages to begin on August 1, or when the players report for training if prior to that date; a representative of the union to be assigned to the committee dealing with the jubilee benevolent fund; accrued share of benefits to be increased to 100 per cent for the first year instead of 75 per cent., and then based on a sliding scale according to service.

Other points were: An increase in talent money for top teams in the Football League and successful sides in the cup-ties; improved compensation for injured players.

No question of strike action was considered, members agreeing to put their major claims regarding the establishment of a minimum wage, accrued share of benefits, and improved compensation for players before the individual clubs, as suggested by the Football League in their letter to the Union secretary, Mr. James Fay.

The Football League stated that the majority of the requests were matters for consideration by individual clubs and not the concern of the League Management Committee. Subsequently details of a contributory insurance scheme to be put before the Football League on lines suggested by them were considered.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 22-08-1939)

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