Organised football in abeyance

Wednesday, September 6 – 1939
Contracts between clubs and professionals suspended.
The English Football League and the Scottish Football Association held separate meetings yesterday and both decided that all contracts between clubs and their professionals shall be suspended. Thus, all organised football remains in abeyance.

The Football League Management Committee met at Crewe and Mr. Fred Howarth, the secretary, afterwards aid that it had been decided to rescind the instructions sent out t clubs asking them to tell their players to stand by.

Mr. Howarth added that all large competitions had been cancelled, but not necessarily for the season. The Football League would have to await the instructions from the Government and the Football Association.

To remain on clubs’ books.
The Football League are meeting the Football Association to-morrow (ref. Sunday). Although the players have now left their clubs, they still remain on their books, and, when League football is resumed, the clubs for whom they have played this season will have first call on their services.

The Scottish Football Association, who met in Glasgow, decided that all football in Scotland shall be suspended until further notice. The registration of players will remain effective, meantime, all contracts between clubs and players have been suspended as from September 3 – 1939. All committees were suspended and two new committees called, (1) Finance and Insurance, and (2) Emergency were elected.

The Scottish Association is keeping in touch with the English and Welsh Associations.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 07-09-1939)

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