Cinemas and football grounds to open in some areas

September 9, 1939
Ban to remain on Merseyside.
The Government has decided to permit theatres, cinemas, football grounds and other places of entertainment in neutral and reception areas to reopen up to 10 p.m. as from to-day.

An order to this effect has been made by Home Secretary, states the Ministry of Information. Places of entertainment will remain closed in the areas from which evacuation has taken place.

Although there will be general opening up to 10 p.m. in the neutral and reception areas, the order made by the Home Secretary provides that he chief officer of police may in special cases prohibit the opening of any premises if they are so situated that the audience might be exposed to exceptional risk in the event of an air raid.

Don’t go by car.
People living in district in which places of entertainment remain closed are urged not to make journeys by car to attend places of entertainment in other districts, and all members of the public are urged not to use their motor cars simply for the purpose of entertainment, particularly if this would involve their being on the road after nightfall.
(Liverpool Daily Post: September 9, 1939)

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