Easy Liverpool win at Chester

September 18, 1939
Liverpool score five.
Keen game at Chester.
Liverpool’s match
at Chester produced a 5-0 victory and a gate worth £300. Long before the end there was more than a hint of the keenness of a full-blooded cup-tie. Chester took the match seriously, but when they found their football was not in the same class as that of their opponents they began to “mix it” and Liverpool went on to get all the goals they could.

Actually, it was a bright and earnest match. Fagan’s shot produced the only goal of the first half. Fagan drifted in a soft header; Nieuwenhuys followed a 40-yards’ run with a placed shot; Balmer also added a spectacular goal, and the Liverpool Collegiate amateur, L.F. Carney, nodded the fifth.

There were several occasions when Dirk Kemp’s brilliant and resolute goalkeeping kept Chester out, they were worth a couple of goals. Bush’s height and weight was always a little too much for Yates. McGough and Pendergast played well.

Harley and Ramsden gave the wingmen little room, Busby was not at his best. Balmer was best of a good forward line. Chester’s best defender was Walters, and though Common was often caught napping by Nieuwenhuys’s speed. Brown did better against Van Den Berg.

Result: Chester 0, Liverpool 5.
Chester: Bill Shortt, Vic Brown, Ted Common, Harold Howarth, Trevor Walters, Reg Butcher, Bill Horsman, Joe McGough, Dick Yates, Bill Pendergast, Frank Marsh.
Liverpool: Dirk Kemp, Jim Harley, Bernard Ramsden, Matt Busby, Tom Bush, Jack Easdale, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Jack Balmer, Willie Fagan, Len Carney, Herman Van den Berg.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 18-09-1939)


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