Liverpool’s fine form

September 25, 1939
Van Den Berg’s skill at Anfield.
Liverpool followed their 5-0 win at Chester by beating Bolton Wanderers 3-0 at Anfield.

Admitting the game was not at top gear, it showed that Liverpool have hit the mark with two young players whose ability to make good in Division I, may have been in some doubt for one reason or another. Van Den Berg, after an injury, failed to find his real form until this season; Easdale, brought in at left back, has shown such form in two matches there that he could be played in this unaccustomed berth without adverse effect to himself or to the club.

Van Den Berg has never played so brilliantly as in this match. He made the defence go the wrong way so often we had to refer to the programme to make sure that it was Bolton’s full first team defence on that flank. Van Den Berg was quicksilver in football boots. The crowd was tickled by his ability to extricate himself from two or three opponents and still bring the ball with him.

Balmer and Taylor “killed” the ball in their expert style, and Balmer “killed” Hanson’s great goalkeeping with two nice shots that put his side well on top. The third was obtained by Busby. Bush did grand work, but Bolton were remiss in their finishing. Riley had little to do, thanks to Bolton’s shortcoming and the fine full back work of Harley and Ramsden.

Result: Liverpool 3, Bolton Wanderers 0.

Liverpool: Arthur Riley, Jim Harley, Bernard Ramsden, Matt Busby, Tom Bush, Jack Easdale, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Phil Taylor, Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer, Herman Van Den Berg.
Bolton Wanderers: Stan Hanson, Danny Winter, Catterall, Harry Goslin, Jack Hurst, Ernie Forrest, Albert Geldard, Thomas Sinclair, Les Roberts, Ray Westwood, Don Howe.
Referee: Mr. W.H.E. Evans.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 25-09-1939)


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