Youngsters for Liverpool duty

October 14, 1939
One of the wise heads, Manager George Kay, of Liverpool F.C., has not taken long to tumble to the new order of things. He already has a galaxy of young talent around him, his view being that a manager cannot spend too much time nowadays searching for players in their ‘teens. Providing the war lasts only as long as everyone budgets, the players will be the stars of the future. Look at this list – almost a team in itself – of the young men, amateur and professionals, who are already potential Liverpool players: –

Syd Lund, goalkeeper, aged 18;
Eddie Spicer, left half back, 17;
Ray Lambert, centre half, 18;
Bill Jones, inside forward, 18;
Cyril Done, centre forward, 18;
Dennis Cook, amateur centre half, 19;
Ted Rafferty, a Bootle born amateur right back, 18;
Sidney Cathrall, a former schoolboy international, outside left, 16;
George Collister, former Collegiate, outside left, 17; and
Hughes, also a schoolboy international outside right, who is only 16.

All these are promising lads, well-built and with good football brains. From among them Manager Kay hopes to recruit his team of the future – and he is still open to consider others.

Roy Connor, of Caergwrle, a Welsh schoolboy international, is another of whom Mr. Kay has high hopes.
(Liverpool Echo: October 14, 1939)

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